"These two comedic talents, Real- life brothers Blakely Slaybaugh and Parker Slaybaugh, with their synchronized dialogue and dead-pan expressions, steal every scene in which they appear.            

                                  -Don Church & Tony shellac. talkin broadway

                                                                                             The Drowsy chaperone

"the large ensemble of other boys and girls are not untalented, but they do not have the polish and accomplishment needed for this show... (parker slaybaugh as charlie is an exception- he shows a very natural and confident style of dance)."


                                                    -Ann miller. talkin broadway

                                                                                              oliver! national tour

" is also sprinkled with the masterful comedic timing of Peachy Weil. slaybaugh is primarily a musical theatre performer, although his performance will have audiences convinced that he specializes in straight plays."


                                       -Catherine mejia. central florida future

                                                                                     the last night of ballyhoo

exceptional among the jets are mikey winslow's smoldering action and parker slaybaugh's over eager baby john."   

                                                                 broadway world                                                                                                         west side story

"Parker slaybaugh's dual turn as quaxo and mistoffelees is as entertaining and substantial as his terrific support work in crt's take on grease. hope he sticks around. "


                                                   -bryan vancampen.


"as mr. mistoffelees, parker slaybaugh gives an acrobatic, show-stopping portrayal of a cat apparently capable of anything."


                                                                -neil novelli.                                                                                                                           Cats